WLTW: Increasing IGTV Views and Vertical Video Tips

Each Friday Annie Schiffmann hops on Instagram Live to find out what you learned this week and share what she learned about social media for theater and running your own business. It’s called What I Learned This Week. You can play along by using #WLTW and sharing what YOU’VE learned! This week: the new trick that Instagram has made so people will see your IGTV videos and why it’s okay to shoot in vertical.

Instagram’s Newest IGTV Trick For More Views

It doesn’t really seem like people are taking to IGTV - do you use it regularly? But Instagram seems fixed on getting more people to check it out. That’s good news for you. Being an early adopter on a platform with as many users as Instagram has can’t be a bad thing. You can start to understand how it works before it’s on other people’s radars.

We’ve explained before how to use IGTV with your Instagram Stories, and Instagram Live but it seems like there is a more streamlined way to promote your IGTV videos now. When you upload a video you have the option to Post a Preview. This will show a bit of the video on your Instagram Feed which then takes you to the video itself on IGTV.


We saw a BIG uptick in the amount of views our WLTW video got from last week - proof that it works.

Vertical Video

People used to mistakenly shoot vertical videos a few years back, but now that is a major trend. Buffer put out a very comprehensive, statistic-filled report on using vertical video in your social media. Suffice it to say - go for it! Vertical video takes up more of the screen, and produces more engagement than square videos on Instagram and Facebook. Although beware - videos that seem to polished in this format don’t work as well as more amateurish-type of videos.

This is good news for performing arts brands! Shoot those backstage videos on vertical and post them on your Instagram Stories and Instagram Feeds! Although we still recommend shooting with stability and with good lighting and audio. Here are some tips as to what to attach to your phone for better video.

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