WLTW: Getting More Subscribers and Special Guest Mark Boudreau

Each Friday Annie Schiffmann hosts What I Learned This Week a Facebook Live show to find out what artists have learned about promoting their work on social media. This week: a four step plan to getting more subscribers into your theater’s database and Mark Boudreau shares new FB dimension changes.

Getting More Email Subscribers

We theater people are really good at doing theater, aren’t we? We know the playwrights, we can handle tech week, we can schmooze with the biggest donors. But marketing ourselves and our shows? That can be a whole new world.

So this week, we did a bit of a deep dive in our own learnings to get more email subscribers - it’s a big focus for Downstage Media this quarter. And, to break it down, there is a simple - but not necessarily easy - process.

  1. Create a lead magnet. Something that your audience will want to actually have. Maybe it’s a free parking pass, a discount at the merch area, or a two-for-one ticket option.

  2. Create a landing page for people to find that lead magnet - and nothing else - in exchange for their email address.

  3. Create a welcome email with the lead magnet for your audience to receive when they’ve given you their email.

  4. Put your landing page link in ten places so people can find it. Places like:

    • sidebar in your blog

    • as a content upgrade to popular blog posts

    • in your email signature

    • in a FB ad

    • in your Instagram bio link

    • a pinned tweet

This is a simple, clear concept to get more people to sign up for your email list. Because, guess what? No one is really all that interested in “keeping up to date” with your brand.

Mark Boudreau

Mark Boudreau is a marketing consultant for the American Southwest Theatre Company at New Mexico State University. He has seen incredible growth with some of the university and community theaters he has helped consult for.

He called to our attention the new dimensions for Facebook posts in mobile. Images are not going to be able to be as tall as they were. They also won’t have as many lines of text. It’s VITAL to keep up with these changes as you create posts to make sure they are optimized for your audience to see on their phones. He posted the information on his personal FB account. Here it is in full:

Also, Mark shared about the Google Grants for Non Profits organization. Google gives every non profit $10,000 in marketing budgets for one year - up to $120,000. Now, of course they make quite a few hoops for organizations to jump through, but if you are armed with a savvy person on your board or creative team who could make this happen for your company why not go for it?

See The Wolves at New Mexico State University

Mark is currently a marketing consultant for The Wolves at American Southwest Theatre Company at NMSU Theatre. To see the work that he does in action, keep up with them on Facebook. And if you’re in New Mexico, check out this play that was up for a Pulitzer!


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