WLTW: Keeping Your Audience Engaged with Dawn Trautman of A Dairy Tale

On What I Learned This Week Annie Schiffmann asks artists and marketers on FB Live to share their biggest takeways from the past seven days so you can build a loyal audience of fans who show up and support you. This week, producer/show runner/actor Dawn Trautman shares how she keeps her audience engaged on social media in between seasons of her web series A Dairy Tale.

Roll With It

With Annie’s kids back to school, she was raring to go this past week. Problem was, about three different platforms that we use all of the time were updating or had updates, thus slowing down the process. Reminding us that this business (both the business of show and the business of social) changes a lot. It can be frustrating, it can make you want to tear your hair out. Don’t tear you hair out. But do find people that you can talk to and vent to ride it out with.

Pay Attention to the Platform

We switched WLTW from being on IG Live to FB Live a few months back and you know what we forgot to do? Update Downstage Media’s Content Calendar to reflect that change. So we’re doing a great job on Instagram of telling people about WLTW but not doing the same on Facebook. Bottom line: promote properly on the platform

Dawn Trautman on Authenticity

Dawn Trautman shared the importance of being a human being versus a walking billboard. She says,

When we treat Facebook and Instagram like a bulletin board or public announcement, we get very little traction. When we interact like you would in person with clever comments, questions, and quick responses, we get much more traction. We’re actually promoting through our personal accounts much more than the official account for the web series because it’s easier to be human and engaging. People then sometimes go and follow the official accounts, but it’s not our main way of gaining awareness. The main account more serves as a way for people to quickly get a sense of the series.

Recently, this human way of interacting has gotten A Dairy Tale more followers, a talk show appearance on an NBC affiliate, and people interested in appearing in the series.

Bonus: Keeping Your Audience Interested In Between Seasons

Annie and Dawn shared some insights about how she keeps her audience engaged despite her long seasons. The series, A Dairy Tale needless to say has lots to do with cows, and farms, etc. So here is some content from their Instagram feed that gets them traction until their next season premiers.


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