WLTW: Instagram DM Update and Jacqueline Goldfinger of Page by Page

Each Friday Annie Schiffmann hops on Instagram Live to find out what you learned this week and share what she learned about social media for theater and running your own business. It’s called What I Learned This Week. You can play along by using #WLTW and sharing what YOU’VE learned! This week: why you should bother liking other pages with your Facebook page and Jacqueline Goldfinger on bringing your art to your audience where they are.

Facebook Inbox Updates

When your brand has a Facebook Page you are able to use the Facebook Inbox. This is a great tool because:

  1. You won’t have to worry about responding to a comment as yourself vs your brand

  2. You can see all of your comments - even those for Instagram - MUCH easier and be sure you don’t miss them.

Now, thanks to a friend at the Facebook Community Summit, Facebook will be launching the ability to respond to Instagram DMs from the FB Inbox as well. Great! This means you can respond to any Facebook comments, Facebook Messengers, Instagram comments, and IG DMs all in one place! So much more efficient!

[More on the Facebook Inbox]

Jacqueline Goldfinger from Page by Page on Fitting Art Into Your Life

Jacqueline Goldfinger

Jacqueline Goldfinger

Playwright, dramaturg and founder of Page by Page shared how we have to fit art into our every day lives. And how as artists we have to think through making it easy for our audience to access our work.

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