WLTW: 4 Tactics for Better FB Engagement, Bad IG Tagging

Each Friday Annie Schiffmann hops on Instagram Live to find out what you learned this week and share what she learned about social media for theater and running your own business. It’s called What I Learned This Week. You can play along by using #WLTW and sharing what YOU’VE learned! This week: 4 tactics we implemented in February that increased our reach significantly across all brands and this weird/hack-y Instagram tagging technique that has to go.

4 Facebook Tactics For Better Engagement and Reach

Real quick: engagement is the amount of people that like, share, or comment on your post. Reach is how many people your post got in front of.

Since January, the Downstage Media team has been undergoing some intense Facebook training. We’ve been implementing what we’ve learned throughout February, and in March the results are in. Comments alone were up 147%! Here are the four tactics that we have started using in each and every Facebook post.

  1. No Hashtags - Facebook knows that the majority of the posts that use hashtags are businesses. Since Facebook wants people connecting with one another - and not with brands - they will reduce the reach that posts with hashtags get. Instead of saying, #TBT we may say something like, “Here’s a throwback to ….” the audience gets it and your post doesn’t get penalized.

  2. Asking for the Audience’s Thoughts More Often - We incorporated polls, open ended questions, and even some fun games to get people commenting more. It worked.

  3. Curated Content - instead of just posting links from news sources or blogs, we instead started sharing top videos, memes, and photos from those sources. This keeps everything in the Facebook ecosystem (which Facebook likes) and you know it’s content that is going to work.

  4. Shorter Captions - after hearing from multiple sources that shorter captions were the way to go, we tried it ourselves. Less words, more emojis.

Now, we haven’t scientifically figured out which one of these four tactics led to an increase, however, if you are looking to increase your reach and your engagement, this is a great start.

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Bad Instagram Tagging

So sleazy. Do NOT try to get someone’s attention this way!

So sleazy. Do NOT try to get someone’s attention this way!

Ugh! I came across this spammy way that people tag other people on Instagram. I guess it’s so that the account that they’re tagging will get a notification that they’ve been tagged and that’ll be their “in?” Who knows. I ran this by a Social Media Managers FB Group that I’m a part of and the consistent sentiment every had was - it’s spammy, it’s lame, don’t do it. Block them.

Bottom line: don’t tag people who aren’t in the picture.

So check to make sure that no one has tagged you or the brand that you are managing in Instagram. Then block those spammers!

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