WLTW: Two Things to Think About Before Getting In Front of an Audience

Each Friday Annie Schiffmann hosts What I Learned This Week a ten minute show on Facebook Live to find out what artists have learned about promoting their work on social media. This week: the two things you’ll want to plan for every time that you are about to perform.

How Will They Feel Special?

In reading the book Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days by Joey Coleman I was struck by how many opportunities we have to make our audiences feel special. Specifically audiences that physically come to see your performances. (although online audiences are important to, but I mean paying customers here)

This book is amazing if you are having a hard time retaining audience members and you have multiple shows in a season. Love how he outlines six different options to connect with your audience in unique and remarkable ways throughout the journey of the buyer.

How Are You Going to Make Sure They Can See You Again

Of course, you know that your art is not only for you to express yourself, but you recognize that you have talent that other people want to see. You are then morally obligated to give them the opportunity to see you perform again. Why would you deprive someone of that experience?

So when you have some kind of opportunity where someone is going to see you perform, think about how you are going to let them know about your next show.

  • Do you have their email address?

  • If not, how can you capture their email address?

  • If so, when and how will you let them know about your next show.

Remember, they want to see you. Think more in terms of them. How can you give them what they want?


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