WLTW: Twitter Chats and Instagram Likes Disappearing

Each Friday Annie Schiffmann hops on Instagram Live to find out what you learned this week and share what she learned about marketing theater on social media. It’s called What I Learned This Week. This week: Twitter Chats and Instagram likes disappearing.

Twitter Chats

Twitter is pretty noisy and crowded, but we have found the best way to cut through is with Twitter Chats. Basically, they’re a question and answer session that anyone can hop in on. Usually they occur regularly - like the same time every week - and have a special hashtag that they use so you can keep up with the conversation. They are so fun! You just join in, share your two cents, and learn from a bunch of other people. Question? Do you know of a Twitter chat for the theater space? Hit us up on Twitter and let us know when and where so we can support you!

Are Instagram Likes Going Away

To some, this could be a blessing; to others, a curse. Instagram is doing away with Likes as we know it. And it’s happening right now. In Canada. Can the US be far behind? Here’s a blog post with all of the info that you need to know.

Do you like the idea of the Likes going away? This has been a major currency on this brand for quite some time. What would that mean for YOUR brand?

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