WLTW: Philip Galinsky of The National Monologue Slam

Each Friday Annie Schiffmann hosts What I Learned This Week an Instagram Live show to find out what artists have learned about promoting their work on social media. This week: getting your audience’s attention by knowing how to post on each platform and understanding their are social media breakout stars as well.

Social Media Breakout Stars

You know how there are those people who just make it big FAST? And you hear about how they went on that first audition and they got the part and have been working ever since? Even worse, those people who just accompanied a friend to an audition and then wound up getting the part even though they weren’t even thinking they were interested in acting?

Those break out stars can happen in social media as well. For a long time at Downstage we would parse through books, podcasts, and blog posts thinking that sooner or later content would break out for our clients the same way.

And just like in performing arts, most of the time, it works out for those people who understand how the business works and caters to it.

This all is a way of saying that if you don’t have a paid social media strategy, you are going to feel like you can’t even get an agent when everyone else is getting a callback. You MUST plan to spend some on ads for your brand - and not just when you have a show.

Philip Galinksy on Double Dipping

Working actor and producer of the National Monologue Slam, Philip Galinsky made it clear that he’s learned one message told the same way does NOT work on social media.

Let’s dive into that further. Philip says,

Talking about double dipping!

Don't post the same message on each social media platform each post has to be unique or message will be ignored

Also know your platform how different Facebook is to Instagram

We couldn’t agree more! Best practices dictate using hashtags some places, certain types of videos in others, and even copy that will work better on one place or another. Watch the full video to hear how Philip optimizes what he’s doing for Facebook and Instagram.

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