WLTW: Robert Z. Grant of Broadway's Next on Stretching on IG

Each Friday Annie Schiffmann hosts What I Learned This Week an Instagram Live show to find out what artists have learned about promoting their work on social media. This week: Actor, Improviser, and performer in Broadway’s Next Hit Musical Robert Z. Grant talks about how he stretches himself more on Instagram (which is saying something - he’s already 6’ 7”!)

Leveraging One Platform For Another

At Downstage Media we recommend you have some content that is exclusive to each platform. For example, on IG Stories we always post a weekly Playbill quiz on Thursdays (play along, #DownstageQuiz). We could post it on FB or Twitter, but we’d rather keep it special to our IG followers.

This week we DOUBLED the amount of people who saw and interacted with our Downstage Quiz by sharing on Twitter and Facebook that the quiz was happening on IG. This way, the audience on that platform could find out that the fun was happening over there, and the Downstage Quiz still keeps it Instagram exclusivity.

Robert Z. Grant of Broadway’s Next Hit Musical on Stretching on IG

Full Disclosure: Broadway’s Next Hit Musical is a client of Downstage Media.

Fun Disclosure: Robert Z. Grant and Annie Schiffmann used to perform together (and still do every so often!)

To promote Broadway’s Next Hit Musical’s June Off Broadway run, Robert Z. did an Instagram Takeover. In the process he stretched the limits of what he knew on Instagram Stories and Instagram Live. Once he started first researching (he asked friends and Googled around) and then experimenting (the IG takeover forced him to try these area of Instagram that he didn’t know as well) he found that his audience grew. Not only that, but when he started going live on Instagram on his own account, his followers jumped on right away. It gave him the encouragement to keep playing and experimenting to connect with his followers.

Robert Z. Grant

Robert Z. Grant

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