WLTW: Instagram Permission and Having Social Media Understudies

Each Friday Annie Schiffmann hops on Instagram Live to find out what you learned this week and share what she learned about marketing your work on social media. It’s called What I Learned This Week. This week: special guest brand strategist Lindsey Schatz talks about having backups (or, understudies as we like to say) plus how to get permission to use someone else’s Instagram post.

How To Ask For Permission to Use Someone Else’s Instagram Post

It can be daunting to create so many Instagram posts in a week - so don’t! Give yourself and a break and find other content that speaks the same message that you want. Just make sure that you ask permission to use someone else’s Instagram post.

We pepper in other people’s posts - also known as User Generated Content - to our Content Calendars on a regular basis - about once or twice a month. Note: we also have referred to this as Curated Content as well.

On Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter it’s easy to share other people’s content, but on Instagram, not so much. You can use a third party app such as repost. But sometimes that looks a little amateurish.

Instead, here’s a way to go about getting permission

  1. Find a post (either by scrolling through your feed or by searching hashtags or locations) that you’d like to put up on your feed.

  2. Use the paper airplane icon below the image to “send” the image in a direct message to account that originally posted it.

  3. Say something like, “Love this image! Is it okay if we were to use it on our feed? We promise to give you credit.”

  4. When you get approval, take a screen shot of the image and post it to your page making sure to give all of the appropriate people credit. This includes the original account that posted it, the photographer who may have taken the photo, and any of the people in the photo.

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Lindsey Schatz from Schatz Virtual Solutions on Having Backup Plans

Lindsey and her husband Steven run the branding and digital strategy company Schatz Virtual Solutions.

Lindsey and her husband Steven run the branding and digital strategy company Schatz Virtual Solutions.

Lindsey Schatz is a fellow marketer and runs the company Schatz Virtual Solutions they helps small businesses with digital branding and strategies. With Facebook and Instagram going down this week, she learned an It’s always good to have knowledge of more than one platform or tool so that when something goes wrong - especially something time sensitive - you can still make it work. Here’s her story:

Lindsey has to post for her clients and usually schedules them ahead of time. But on Thursday - after the FB & IG blackout - she was still having some issues with the scheduler that she always uses.

Because she was familiar with another platform, she was able to schedule the post over there and be sure that the time-sensitive posts that the client needed to go out, actually posted.

It all shows the power of a back up plan! But, of course, in the theater world we know that all too well. That’s why we have understudies!


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