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On What I Learned This Week Annie Schiffmann asks artists and marketers to share their biggest takeways from the past seven days so you can build a loyal audience of fans who show up and support you. Hosted by Annie Schiffmann on Facebook Live. This week, money coach for artists Christy Strauch talks power and money PLUS how much is too much email?

Email More Than You Think

On a weekend with little internet and no cell service Annie read through the book 300 Email Marketing Tips by Meera Kothand which confirmed many of the theories that we use when advising our clients for their email marketing.

The fear is real: you don’t want people to unsubscribe from your email list, so you’re afraid of sending out too many emails. So the reality becomes that you only send out a couple of emails about your next show and then people don’t buy tickets and are a little frustrated with you that you didn’t let them know in time.

Bottom line: people need to hear your message a number of different times before it sinks in and propels them to take action. Your social media posts (if they actually get seen - thanks, algorithm) count. As do your emails and Facebook Messenger messages.

Here’s what Meera Kothand says in her book:

If you have a compelling reason to email your list, go ahead and send an email… It’s all about being relevant. I’ve had weeks where I’ve sent out two or more emails and people didn’t leave my list in droves. So it depends on the type of relationship you’ve built with your subscribers.

Going to back to what was mentioned on last week’s show - if you believe in yourself and in your talent you have an obligation to tell people about your work.

Christy Strauch on Power and Money

Christy Strauch, the Money Coach for Artists, talked about money and power. Usually, these two nouns are reserved for big bold type on commercials for HBO shows like Billions. But Christy flipped the script on them. She made the point that when we accept the money into our lives that our art brings that it empowers us to do more and reach more people.

So many of us recoil from money by playing that “it’s the root of all evil” adage in our head over and over again and then we don’t earn what we are capable of earning. Which then puts us in a lower power position in many different circumstances of our lives.

Christy Strauch

Christy Strauch

Christy will be leading a 10-week class helping your remix the record that’s been playing on a loop in your head when it comes to money: Peace With Money and Marketing Class: Get to Know Your Inner Money Sage. It’s ideal for anyone who is sick of feeling powerless, angry, even stupid and worthless because you can’t get your art into the world for a fair price.


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