WLTW: Todd Alan Crain on Persistence and Twitter's New Feature

Each Friday Annie Schiffmann hops on Instagram Live in What I Learned This Week to find out what you learned and share what she’s picked up about marketing the performing arts on social media. This week: special guest Todd Alan Crain talks persistence and Twitter’s new retweet update.

Twitter’s Newest Feature

Whoa! Talking about Twitter twice in two weeks? Weird but true!

Whenever Twitter launches a new feature the question always is, “Does this mean I can edit my tweets now?” Nope. No it does not. That’s not the new feature. Bummer. I know.

With Twitter’s new feature, now when you retweet (sometimes called quote tweeting) you have the option of adding text AND an image AND a gif. Frankly, anytime we can add a gif is a good time. Here’s an example of what it looks like.

There are lots of ways that you can experiment with this feature, but we like it to add a little more context - and humor - into the original tweet as a way of putting our stamp on it. How do you plan to use it for yourself or your brand?

Todd Alan Crain on Persistence

You’ve seen Todd Alan Crain before on pretty much any show that you’ve binge watched in the past three years. So when this in-demand TV and film actor started promoting his TV and film acting workshop he turned to social media to get the word out and quickly found out it’s not just sending out a tweet or two and getting the registrations.

According to Todd:

 It takes a lot of time and patience, thoughtfulness and thoroughness, clarity of message and persistence in order to achieve the goal of getting your message out there.  In trying to promote this acting workshop I’ll be teaching on the 25th, I’ve had to learn a lot of new skills in terms of getting the word out on something that I feel is going to be incredibly useful for the targeted audience.

And, that’s another thing…the targeted audience.  Who knew hashtags could be so useful for reaching people not in my contacts list!!

By the way, Todd Alan Crain’s workshop is happening on 05/25 and there are only a few more spots available - so if you’re anywhere near NYC it is highly recommended you join in.

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