WLTW: Stories Tips and Consistent Posting with Musician Sarah Beth Watson

Each Friday Annie Schiffmann hops on Instagram Live to find out what you learned this week and share what she learned about marketing your work on social media. It’s called What I Learned This Week. This week: special guest musician Sarah Beth Watson shares how her music increased the amount of likes and comments on Instagram and how Instagram and Facebook Stories can get you more engagement in the feed.

Playing With Instagram and Facebook Stories

The Stories aspects of Facebook and Instagram have been an afterthought for many people creating posts for their brands. But what we learned this week may change your mind.

It’s important to know that the engagement that you get on your Story affects how your posts come up in the feed. So, if you post an Instagram Story with a poll on it and someone interacts with it, the next time that they check out the Instagram feed, your posts are likely to come up sooner. Make sense? So when you post to your Story it helps your regular Instagram posts.

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Songwriter and Musician Sarah Beth Watson on Consistently Posting Music

Sarah Beth Watson: songwriter and musician

Sarah Beth Watson: songwriter and musician

In her musicians mastermind group, Sarah Beth was challenged to go live every day of the week. So she would play her music live. She found a big increase in her likes and comments on Instagram when she did so.

A fellow musician asker her what the key was to her growing engagement and she told him it was about posting consistently.

She learned that she can’t just post every so often and hope that people will see the content. If you’re not posting regularly, the algorithms won’t put your posts in front of as many people.

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