WLTW: Securing Your Site with Bernice Loman of Loman Creative Services

On What I Learned This Week Annie Schiffmann asks artists and marketers on FB Live to share their biggest takeways from the past seven days so you can build a loyal audience of fans who show up and support you. This week, web designer Bernice Loman shares how to make your site more secure.

Making 1 on 1 Connections

Look for the 1 to 1 interaction opportunities whenever you can. A place where we like to reach out to people 1 on 1 is with our weekly Downstage Media quiz. Everyone who answers that week’s question gets a personal DM from Downstage Media. We are often able to have conversations with cast members from Broadway shows of the past using this one technique. Plus, we get to talk to YOU!

Note: Annie wasn’t supposed to talk about this. She was supposed to talk about how the FB Live platform that she uses, BeLive.tv has an option to download the audio of your FB Lives. The first thought that came to mind was - oh cool! Podcast content. Then the second thought that came to mind was oh cool! ALEXA SKILLS content! Did you know how easy it is to create a Flash Briefing for Alexa? Pretty easy.

Bernice Loman on Your Site’s Security

Bernice Loman of Loman Creative Services makes it clear that your site NEEDS an SSL code. If you don’t have it, your potential buyers may not give their credit card info to buy something, Google will not rank your page as high, and you’ll have a scarlet letter-type “Not Secure” on the bar at the top of your page. No good.

More on SSL codes.

Bernice Loman

Bernice Loman

Bernice hosts a podcast about marketing and online business on Spotify. She knows a lot about a lot of areas of digital marketing, on your next commute you can learn a little something from her and then mention it in our next WLTW! See how that works?


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