WLTW: When a Post Goes Viral and Why Your Live Audience Views Don't Matter

Each Friday Annie Schiffmann hops on Instagram Live to find out what you learned this week and share what she learned about marketing your work on social media. It’s called What I Learned This Week. This week: what you should do when a post gets 10x the usual reach. How the number of people watching your Facebook Live is irrelevant.

When a Post Goes Viral

We had a post from one of our clients go viral this week. It’s been very fun to see the comments, shares, and reach climb higher and higher to 100x their usual rate. Here are some steps that we’re taking with this post so it doesn’t just vanish.

  • once Darien Hill and I noticed that it was getting better traction than other posts, he put some ad money behind it and made it into an ad this helped the reach grow even more

  • since it’s clear the audience is engaging with this post, I’ve pinned it to the top of the Page so that when someone comes along to check out the page they can start engaging with the brand right away.

  • we saved the posts link into a “hits” spreadsheet we’ve created for that brand so that we can post it again (note: we also have a place in the monthly Content Calendar for using Hits from the past month)

The Amount of People Joining You Live on FB Isn’t Always An Indicator of Success

First of all, about 80% of people don’t watch FB Lives when they are live. Does that make you feel any better? Second of all, sometimes FB doesn’t even notify your fans you have gone live until fifteen minutes in to your Live. So if your live is less than fifteen minutes and no one was on, you are completely normal.

Now, just yesterday I hosted a Facebook Live for a client and there were only a handful of people on. So you could say that it was a failure, right? Not quite.

Minutes after the Facebook Live ended, my client got a phone call from a potential customer to set up a meeting. Huzzah!

What did we learn:

  • have good Titles and Descriptions for your Live because they are going to be watched after the fact

  • the amount of people on your live does not equal success or failure - just keep going


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