WLTW: Rapper La Dynasty on 1 to 1 Communication and a Lesson from Fosse/Verdon

Each Friday Annie Schiffmann hosts What I Learned This Week an Instagram Live show to find out what artists have learned about promoting their work on social media. This week: the power of 1:1 communication and rapper extraodinaire, La Dynasty.

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Capitalize on the In-Between Times

From watching Fosse/Verdon this week, it became clear how they were capitalizing on the in-between times. In today’s streaming-everything work, audiences aren’t used to watching commercials. But Fosse/Verdon was airing on cable television and was going to be shown with commercials. How did they make sure that people stayed engaged and tuned in to the show?

  1. It was an excellent show. So the content was gripping and made you want to watch more.

  2. Executive Producer Lin-Manuel Miranda would get on Periscope during commercial breaks and field questions of the audience to his special Broadway guests.

How can your show capitalize on the in-between times? Broadway’s Next Hit Musical makes the most of its pre-show time when people might usually be milling about the lobby and they create an awards show-type Red Carpet.

What about when people are in line for the bathroom, the merch line, or the theater before the show? How can you make the most of that time?

La Dynasty on Reaching out Via DM

La Dynasty has her debut mixtape coming out and a performance launching it. She wants to make sure to pack the house and here’s what she’s learned about marketing her music on social:

I took to sending people personal messages via Facebook and Instagram to invite them to my show. This more intimate type of outreach seemed very positive in response but ticket sales aren’t exactly where I want them to be yet. I am going to do a second push Sunday evening once people get through this weekend.

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