5 Simple Social Media Lessons We Can't Stop Talking About

As artists and creators, we continue to grow every single day. And we don’t just grow in a professional sense; we grow as people. We here at Downstage Media find it very useful and important to reflect every week on some of the things we learned over the course of those seven days to see how those lessons can better us in both our work and personal lives.

Our weekly video series titled What I Learned This Week — or WLTW — is an Instagram Live show where we talk about just that. Interested in some of the best lessons and tips we’ve discussed on the show? Here are five of them will be very useful to you!

Ignoring Social Media Costs You Money

This tip is pretty obvious but it bears repeating: If you’re not utilizing social media, you’re missing out on a ton of money. In this day and age, social media is an integral part of marketing and you need to hop on that if you haven’t already. You can check out more from this WLTW here.

Facebook is a Pay to Play Space

It’s the unfortunate truth none of us want to admit: If you want to thrive on Facebook, you’re going to have to pay. More specifically, you’re going to have to pay for ads. However, because you’re spending money, you want to make sure your ads are the most effective. Here are some tips on doing that.

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YouTube is a Huge Search Engine

Google might be the biggest search engine in the world, but YouTube is right behind it in the #2 spot. Yes, starting your YouTube channel may seem like a huge task but it’s very important. It’s essential you take the time to improve your title, description and tags since the platform is such a big search engine. You want to make sure people can easily find your channel and videos! Learn more about that here.

Asking to Share Other Creators’ Content

As much as we love creating content, it’s very possible you may fall into a dry spell from time to time. When that happens, it’s okay to share other people’s content that you really admire! But of course, you need to ask to do so. How can you do that? Read all about it here.

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Stop Using Hashtags on Facebook

Remember all the times we’ve told you to use hashtags on Instagram and Twitter? Keep doing that, but please remember not to use them on Facebook! Facebook tends to not show posts with hashtags because its algorithm views them as business posts. Didn’t know that? We explain more about it here.

Share What You’ve Learned

Yes, you can get lots of great insights from watching WLTW, but when you join in Live you get to take stock of what you have learned and share it. Not only will what you’ve learned stick better in your brain - you’ll be helping other performing artists out too!

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