WLTW: Getting Real With FB Ads, and Special Guest Danielle MacMath

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This week’s special guest: Danielle MacMath from Theater for the New City’s production of Beltsville/Rockville Part I: Rise of the Goatman. Check it out Thursday through Saturday nights from now until 01/13.

Time to Get Real About Facebook Ads

I learned this week that thought t’s a bitter pill to swallow, the cold, hard truth is that Facebook is a pay to play space. 1 in 4 Facebook Pages used Facebook ads in 2018 (no doubt in part because of the algorithm change). And you should too. I learned from Buffer’s podcast: The Science of Social Media some great tips on creating effective FB ads - but the biggest one I took away was to make your ads more like something your audience’s friends would post. Considering that ads go in the News Feed, an ad may have to compete for attention with your audience’s grandmothers, high school friends, and their Broadway Con Facebook group.

Danielle MacMath on Networking

Danielle MacMath shared about how important it is to be nice to everyone. Sure, it’s a simple concept, but in a space like Theater for the New City with multiple projects happening all at the same time, it’s easy to bump into other creative theater people - and perhaps rub them the wrong way. But you never know how those relationships can grow and evolve - or how you’ll run into that person again.

She also shared a story about a production that had low tickets sales and the cast decided they weren’t going to do the show. With only four people in the audience, it wasn’t worth it to them. But it turns out, that one of the four people was a big time producer, another one was a theater critic, and the last couple had traveled a great distance and had really wanted to see the show. So did they really turn away four people?

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