WLTW: 02/05 - 02/09

Every Friday on Instagram Live I host a WLTW - or What I Learned This Week. It’s a fun way to share little bits of info that I picked up this week and to hear from you what you learned. 

Here’s what I learned this week:

Instagram Stories’ Type Function

Instagram rolled out a new function - the TYPE function on its Stories platform. Love this for when you want to write something cool but don’t have a good image or background for it.


Recording video from your phone screen

This is an amazing feature that I can’t believe I didn’t know! It’s so simple!

[Sadly, I only know how to do this on a Mac. If you know how to do this on a PC PLEASE leave a comment for your fellow PC-ers]

To record what is on your phone screen:

  •  plug the charging cable from your phone into your laptop
  • open QuickTime Player
  • File -> New Screen Recording
  • Choose your phone

So simple! Here’s a video where I used this feature:


Audio and Lighting Are Both Important!

You know what really hit home this week - how important good audio and good quality lighting is to your videos. And you can even use some of the same equipment with your live videos. 

Bette Midler once said, “Step into your light. If they can’t see you they can’t love you.” That applies for your videos. If you’re creating videos for your brand, do your best to make the quality as good as you can.  Bonus: lots of camera accessories - like external lights and clips for holding phones - are interchangeable.

More tips for prepping for your videos in the "How to Prep for Your Facebook Live" blog post.

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