WLTW: 02/19 - 02/23

Every Friday on Instagram Live I host a WLTW - or What I Learned This Week. It’s a fun way to share little bits of info that I picked up this week and to hear from you what you learned. 

Here’s what I learned this week:

When on FB Live Ask LOTS of questions

From last week to this week I did nearly a FB Live every day. When I guested on someone else's FB Live I learned a great technique - ask where people are from right off the bat. This will give more comments which will put your video in more NewsFeeds.

Acuity Scheduling is AMAZING 

I LOVE using this site! If you have to meet with people or schedule appointments with them it is truly a time saver! 

Instead of sending out the same emails and confirmations emails and all of that is does it for you! I'm a big fan. It has already saved me a TON of time in scheduling guests for upcoming FB Live shows. Check it out over there ->

Squarespace Workaround for Capturing Emails/Lead Magnets!

When I posted this blog post with a complete shot list for actors to use on set when they book a commercial, I was reminded how I need to ask for people's email addresses before they received it. Duh. Marketing 101. I know.

Anyway, I wanted to make the adjustment FAST because it was Saturday and my family was going away for the long weekend. This blog post was super helpful in getting me what I needed.