WLTW: Make a Graphic for Your Show, Two Must Haves Before Promoting, Blog Post Lead Generators

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Make a Graphic For Your Show

If you are producing a show - especially if it’s low budget, one woman show you have to make a graphic for it. You’re going to use this as your Facebook Page’s cover, on an Facebook Event, on listings at the theater, on your ticketing site. All over the place. Use something like PicMonkey or Canva to adjust the sizes.

Make sure your graphic is emblematic of what the show is. Your headshot may not point your audience in the right direction.

Two Must-Haves Before Promoting

Before promoting your show, you will be tempted to post all about it. But do not share, post or do anything on social media until you have at least one of these two things in place:

1) their info so you can send them a FB Message (using a bot) or an email

2) a place for them to buy tickets

You can have one without the other, but without both, beware of posting. You are going to get lots of interest with nowhere to capture it and you won’t be able to capitalize on it.

Lead Generators

I’m not a big fan of the “Download my ebook Now” kind of thing that pops up on website. But I am a big fan of getting people’s email addresses. I’m also a big fan of sharing my blog posts with other people. So here’s how I’m marrying the two together - every blog post has to have some sort of content upgrade to capture their info in exchange for something else

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