WLTW: 06/09 - 06/15

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Here’s what we learned at Downstage Media this week:

Your Facebook Page Must Be MultiFaceted

It's not enough just to post a picture or two to Facebook anymore. There's just so much other content on Facebook that it can get buried. So, it's time to look at a hydra-like approach to your Facebook content. 

Here's what Darien Hill from SMART Growth Marketing and Annie Schiffmann hashed out this week. Your Facebook page must contain:

  • organic (unpaid) content

  • paid (Facebook ads) content

  • messenger marketing element

  • Facebook Story element

  • Live element

If you don't know how to get these set up, contact Annie and we will sit down with you to come up with a plan for how to incorporate these elements into what you're doing.

Before the Read More

In the newspaper world there is the idea of what is "above the fold." Those articles that would be up at the top before the paper folded in half. The idea was to put the strongest content there above the fold so people would see it on the newsstand, want to read more, and buy the paper.

Even though most people don't read newspapers anymore, there is still the opportunity to hook your audience in before a critical point. In today's parlance, you can think of it as "before the read more."

Here's how that applies in today's world:

  • On Instagram, it's what you writ in the caption before the "more."

  • On Facebook, it's what you write in the post before "See More."

  • In your blog, it's what you write before "Read More."

  • On YouTube, it's what you write before "Show More."

You get it. This is the copy that needs to hook your audience. Best way to start? Writing copy that will matter to your audience!

You Can Like the Tony Awards Ceremony More Than the Season

According to many people this was a weak Broadway season. According to many people this was a great Tony Awards (ugly crying during Seasons of Love especially. See gif below)

Why were the Tony Awards so satisfying to watch? They gave the audience what it wanted: Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles singing (not trying to do stand up), rock stars showing their theatrical chops, and a show that kept moving along at a good clip. Admittedly, the Chita Rivera/Andrew Lloyed Weber medley was odd. But that aside.

Just a reminder: give your audience what it wants.

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