WLTW: 03/03 - 03/09

Every Friday on Instagram Live I host WLTW - or What I Learned This Week. It’s a fun way to share little bits of info that I picked up this week and to hear from you what you learned. 

Here’s what I learned this week:

Emergency Ready. 

What would happen to your busy or your social media plan if you all of a sudden lost power and childcare with no clear sign of when they're coming back? Could your business or brand handle it?

Take some time and figure out what needs to be in place in the event of an emergency.

Choose Your Own Adventure

I'm a member of the Owner Insider business strategies group and have access to dozens of webinars at my disposal. This week I watched a great one all about automating your emails for prospects. Give them choices and based on those choices send them targeted emails. 

To find out how to have access to the Owner Insider webinars and courses about business building, head here.

Marco Polo is Taking Off

This week along I have found out that so many of my friends are on Marco Polo. Friends I know from business projects. Do you use it? Do you use it for business? Curious how this could be a tool for you. For those unfamiliar, Marco Polo is sort of a visual walkie talkie where you can leave messages for one person or a group of people and go back and forth. It's fun and gaining lots of momentum. 

What did you learn this week? Leave a comment below and join us next Friday at 2PM!

This used to be my front yard. And now it's a fallen down tree yard.

This used to be my front yard. And now it's a fallen down tree yard.

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