WLTW: 03/24- 03/30

Every Friday on Instagram Live I host WLTW - or What I Learned This Week. It’s a fun way to share little bits of info that I picked up and to hear what you learned too. You can also leave us a nugget that you picked up this week in the comments below.

Here’s what I learned this week:

Art Not Noise. 

On FB Live on Wednesday night I was joined by fellow improviser and content creator extraordinaire Sean Ely. Sean is one of the founders of Number Six With Cheese - an incredible and hilarious fast food show on YouTube. Although we covered some great stuff - how he got his first 1000 followers, how he distributes his videos, and answers LOTS of questions.

After the interview, I emailed him to find out what else he wished he could have said. Here's one of the nuggets: 

Oversaturation: Everyone is uploading every second of every day: Instagram pictures, videos on their stories, posts that serve no actual value and don't constitute as "art" of any kind. It's just "noise" - and I call it "living in the era of suck" because 99% of people don't wait and post meaningful, edited, well-done content. It's just being thrown out there for validation. And I despise that. I think the true digital artists take a solid interest in what they put out, no matter what social platform they're posting to. Corey and I make sure to do that with N6WC. I do it with my own videography business. Have respect for yourself and filter your content.

So smart! Here's our full video:

Put in the Time

I've been doing at least one monthly FB Live since January '17. Sometimes there are lots of people on, sometimes there aren't. But every time that I do them I get faster and better. On Wednesday night with Sean Ely I had more viewers than I'd ever had - with many rapid fire questions and comments to handle. If I hadn't done those dozens of other FB Lives, I wouldn't have been able to have as smooth of an event as I did. (Note: yes, there were some audio issues and we worked through them swiftly and seamlessly.)

Put in the time and do the work. Try to get people to see your work. If they don't come, figure out why they didn't, adjust, and then keep working for the next one. 

Note: I use Belive.TV for my Facebook Lives. I wish I could say that they pay me when I refer people, but they don't. 

No New Messenger Bots

In the wake of the craziness with security and Facebook, it's looking at better ways to keep its users secure. One of the ways that it's doing this is by changing their Messenger policies. I have been talking about bots and Facebook Messenger Marketing for some time now, and if you haven't jumped on with me, then you'll have to wait. I use ManyChat and received this email from them this week:

If you want to connect a new Facebook page to ManyChat, you’ll have to wait until Facebook updates their policies. Until they do so, you won’t be able to connect new pages to your account. This “pause” affects all bot building platforms, including ManyChat.

So, the takeaway? If you hear that something may be a good idea, take some time to play with it and see if it's for you. I feel fortunate that while other people are hearing about how beneficial Messenger marketing is and waiting for the pause to end, I can be taking advantage of this tool. That's a STEEP learning curve that I now have over other people. Think about it for you - what is something that you could try that might be good? Don't want. Just get started. 

What did you learn this week? Leave a comment below and join us next Friday at 2PM!