WLTW: 05/05 - 05/12

Every Friday on Instagram Live I host WLTW - or What I Learned This Week. It’s a fun way to share little bits of info that I picked up and to hear what you learned too. You can also leave us a nugget that you picked up this week in the comments below.

Here’s what I learned this week:

Track Your Efforts (Ticket Code Style). 

How can you tell if your efforts are working? Track, track, track. One way of doing that is by creating a specific discount code that only shows up on social media. Yes, there are fancier ways to track it, but some of the more basic ticketing services don't always have those capabilities.

A simple workaround is to create a code that you only use on social media. Whenever someone buys a ticket with that discount code, then you'll know! Warning: this can be difficult to be consistent with. You may come up with new promotions that you'll want to share on social. If you do this, come up with a social-only code for that promotion. 

Rob Schiffmann on Listening to Create Melody

Rob Schiffmann, producer, director, improviser, teacher

Rob Schiffmann, producer, director, improviser, teacher

My husband Rob Schiffmann joined in to talk about what he learned this week in the musical improv world. He mentioned how when you block out stimuli - visual stimuli in particular - you're able to create more organic melodies since you can listen more clearly. He wrote even more about it here

Outside of an improv setting, turning off certain stimuli in order to have more clarity certainly sounds like a concept to get behind. [Note to self: turning off notifications now.]

Rob Schiffmann appears in Broadway's Next Hit Musical, which runs on Thursdays in May and June. Get discount tickets using the code PHONY20 at BroadwaysNextHitMusical.com.

Instagram's New Sticker


A fun way to get some feedback from your audience is by using Instagram's newest sticker. It's an emoji that your audience can slide to tell you how they feel about a question you pose to them. You can choose certain emojis, customize the text, and change the look of the sticker as well. Try it! It's fun!

Always good to find out exactly how your audience is feeling, and this is just another way that Instagram Stories lets you do just that!

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