WLTW: 05/19 - 05/25

Every Friday on Instagram Live Annie Schiffmann hosts WLTW - or What I Learned This Week. It’s a fun way to share little bits of info that you picked up and to hear what others have learned too. You can also leave a nugget that you picked up this week in the comments below.

Here’s what we learned at Downstage Media this week:

Play The Hits 

Looking through the statistics from April's posts for our clients it is abundantly clear that creating more content is not necessarily the answer. You can spend a lot of time making stuff that may or may not resonate with your audience or play to your strengths. It's like how radio stations know to play the hits.

Instead, starting in June we are looking at what posts from the past few months are getting the most engagement and then resharing either the actual post or the message behind the post.

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Deb Rabbai from Broadway's Next Hit Musical

Deb Rabbai, the director, producer, and performer of Broadway's Next Hit Musical joined Annie. She talked about the shift she made in how she talks to people. Here is what she said on WLTW, paraphrased.

Deb Rabbai: producer/director/performer

Deb Rabbai: producer/director/performer

Listening is really important. Sometimes when you want to be recognized, or have someone pick you for the job the natural feeling is to talk more and share everything you know. It comes from more of a salesy place. 

But listening to what someone is asking for and allowing that to guide when you speak and when you don't speak is really valuable. 

Often in conversation we stop listening when we know what we are going to say. She was on a training gig and it felt like there were moments of jockeying for status and showing your value by what you speak. it creates a sense of chaos. Of "rushing to the front."

So hanging back and listening and evaluating what you can contribute is important - and understanding that the contribution may be silence.

Deb Rabbai appears in Broadway's Next Hit Musical, which runs on Thursdays in May and June. Get discount tickets using the code PHONY20 at BroadwaysNextHitMusical.com.

Diversify Your Platforms 

Organic reach on Facebook can be so difficult to come by nowadays. So it's important to diversity where you are posting. Right now we are looking at a YouTube/Twitter combination in a big way. Facebook and Instagram have changed what is allowed on third party hosting tools (like Hootsuite) and have just genuinely made it a trickier space to be. 

But it's such a juggernaut you don't want to ignore it. Just don't put all of your eggs in that basket.

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