Creating Beautiful Instagram Posts with Quotes Using Word Swag

Many people think that Instagram is a place for the beautiful people to be beautiful in beautiful places and for all of us to comment on their beauty. It is. For sure. However, it's also a great place to connect your message to your audience. But what to do if you're not beautiful? Or if you find yourself inside of a dark theater or crammed office more often than you're in Ibiza?

Enter the quote post.

You've seen them all over the place - beautiful text with thought-provoking words juxtaposed over a gorgeous image. But how to make one of your own? Keep going.

Where and How to Use a Post with a Quote

These pop up all over Facebook and Twitter. But it's when I see them on Instagram that they resonate the most. It's a sneaky way to get text into a post while still looking beautiful. Here's how your theater can use them:

  • snippets from reviews

  • quotable lines from the show you're currently producing

  • words of wisdom from your artistic director

  • inspiring messages from your designers

  • donor testimonials

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New Favorite App: Word Swag

I first heard about WordSwag this fall while reading Kim Walsh-Phillips' book, Ultimate Guide to Instagram. I've been obsessed with it ever since. It costs $4.99 and will be the best $4.99 you spend all week! Here's how it works:

  1. Choose your background image. There are a few ready to click on, or you can search Pixabay within the app to find another one. Bonus: all of the are okay for you to use for commercial purposes (not all photos on the internet are)

  2. Choose the size of the final image and Crop. (Of course, for Instagram it's a square)

  3. Add your text. ProTip: use the microphone function to speak into it so you don't have to type with your thumbs so much.

  4. Choose any of the styles of text that make sense for your brand.

  5. Pinch the text to change the size and move it around so it is easy for your audience to read.

  6. Choose what color you'd like your text to be. Within the app there are some ready, or you can use the hex code for your brand's colors.

  7. Adjust the image to make it lighter, darker, or blurrier so your words pop out.

  8. Downside: I have tried to add a logo to it, but it never works - even if I use a transparent .png file. So, I add my logo in using PicMonkey and THEN post.

  9. Save it to your camera roll and post it from there. Or post directly to Instagram.

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