YouTube Takeaways from Sean Ely of Number Six With Cheese

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In our Facebook Live: YouTube Tactics for Right This Second, I interviewed Sean Ely from Number Six With Cheese. He shared some EXCELLENT insights about your first 1000 followers, getting sponsorships, and how to get better. 

Full video below:

Excerpt and highlights:

How did you get your first 1000 followers?

Consistent content. "You have to treat your YouTube channel like it is a broadcast television show.You have to stick to it and grind through the tough times. If the content is good, the audience will come. You have to keep getting better."

How do you get better?

Know that you will be bad for so long. Be okay with the fact that you’re going to suck and you’re going to get better. Put in the hours. Watch every type of video on YouTube you can. A great quote from Sean, “I’m interested in the idea of making."

How do you put out 5 shows a week?

"We treat it like it’s a full time job. You have to love doing it or you won’t want to put that time in."

What did you do when you felt like giving up?

"I had a good support system." Sean also credits his parents with allowing his creativity to flourish. "I was doing a video once a week and grinding through." Sean mentioned being in the trenches and all of a sudden one video gets 250K views in a week and that will propel you.

Best practices to get brand and/or sponsor partnerships.

Sean and his partner Corey Wagner would go out to events for free and make videos. They would treating themselves as press - asking for press passes - and then making a video that was really, really good that the brands would want to work with them the next time. 

How do you distribute each new video?

  • YouTube posting five days a week between 10:30a - noon EST.

  • Facebook direct upload  to reach a different audience and connect with people.
  • Put some ad money on FB  to extend reach - although some videos have gotten more organic reach than paid.
  • Teasers on Instagram.
  • Great photos on Instagram.
  • Being clear and thoughtful with tagging and descriptions.

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