"I'd like to build my personal brand"

Yes! Right now many actors, writers, and other theater professionals are learning that a personal brand is a key to building a sustainable career. It's how you can get in people's minds and stay in their minds - by creating work for yourself and sharing it with the world.

Staged Reading - This kick start helps to build your foundation then you take the reins from there. I'll optimize strategically chosen profiles on social media, help your newsletter cultivate your audience instead of being an email blast service, set up a blog or YouTube video series, and draw up a 60 day content calendar for you. You take it from there.

One Act - Think of me like a prompter - someone who's feeding you what comes next. Each month we'll take a look at what you're up to and how you can capitalize on that online. We'll go through analytics to see what's worked. Plus you'll get a personalized content calendar each month for your brand. 

Not quite for you? Here are all of the options in one place.  Keep in mind that if you feel you are completely overwhelmed, the Two Act Musical option does it all for you.