Drawing Back the Curtain


Wouldn't it be a relief to have someone giving you informed thoughts on how you could navigate this crazy digital life? All through the filter of the theater professional? That's what you'll get from my newsletter. I put out quite a bit of content throughout the week - this is the one piece I fixate on more than any other.

Tailored to An Artist's Life


Once a week you'll get an email with simple ideas that you can act on right away.  They are meant to be supportive, practical, and written in plain language.

A two-way relationship

Downstage Media is a small operation. So when you have a question, or a thought you can just hit reply and let me know. I'll be quick to read and respond.

Go play!

When I'm writing my newsletter I'm thinking of simple, actionable ideas that will inspire you to create! The idea is to read them and then go! Right away! Without overthinking.


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