"Our theater company struggles to keep up with all of the different social media options."

You're here because you know that you are late to the game when it comes to social media - but you know that your company's viability depends on it. You don't know how the different platforms work. Except Facebook. You know that one. But not really how your theater company can use it.  

You want a consistent voice whether an audience member is interacting with your company online on social media or in line at the box office.Here are a couple of options that will help.

The Straight Play - Have someone else take the reins on the social media for your theater. You'll have consistent posts along social media platforms that make sense for your audience. We'll analyze what's' working in monthly meetings and goal setting sessions. And with regular check ins, we'll make sure that your online presence meets your company's overall goals.

The One Act - This kick start helps to build your foundation then you take the reins from there. I'll optimize strategically chosen profiles on social media, help your newsletter cultivate an audience (instead of just being an email blast service), set up a blog or YouTube video series, and draw up a 60 day content calendar for your business. Once it's all taken care of, you can hand it over to an intern to implement what we've designed.

Neither option look good? Here are more options.