The Staged Reading -

Social Media Jumpstart

We build the foundation for your brand.

You take it from there.

How will having your act together online affect your career?

Who will you be able to connect with? Who will see your work?


Don't Just Start Posting Stuff: Have a Clear Plan

I know the struggle. I felt so overwhelmed with work and so exhausted with my life that the thought of posting on social media to market myself seemed like a complete - somewhat sleazy - waste of time.

I felt guilty, though, that I was leaving opportunities on the table and abandoning connections I'd made - connections that could lead to more gigs. I could see my friends constantly posting about their new projects - and getting hundreds of likes - and feeling like it was hopeless.


I Know What Works and I Walk You Through Each Step

I've worked with a number of different companies. I've made a lot of mistakes. And on the flip side: I've seen some success. Follower counts that start growing. Email open rates that are twice the average. I realized the pieces of the puzzle that help you grow your brand - and how you can even make some residual income (without having to book a commercial!).

The Staged Reading is About

Laying Your Foundation For Success

I created this because people ask me, "where do I get started?" And it's hard for me to tell them without finding out their goals and seeing where they're at. There's not really a one size fits all approach.

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • I want to be more proactive in the projects I work on
  • I want to feel like I have a simple system in place to market myself
  • I want to retain all of the contacts that I come across on the many projects I work on
  • I'm tired of feeling like everyone else gets it but me
  • I need to take ownership of my career

If yes, then the Staged Reading is for you.

Here's what it entails.

The Staged Reading

This kick start helps to build your foundation then you take the reins from there. I'll talk through your goals and your audience to figure out what social media platforms make the most  sense for you. Then I'll make sure those platforms are optimized with properly sized cover photos, calls to action, and any other little nuances that make a profile sing. We'll find the right tone for your newsletter so you are cultivating an audience instead of blasting them with emails. I'll set up a blog or YouTube video series, and draw up a 60 day content calendar for you. 

Here's what you get:

Strategy kick off session to figure out where you are and where you want to go

optimize two of your social media platforms

Integrate your newsletter with your website and social media and help you find the right tone and content for it

set up an ongoing content project for you - maybe a blog or a video series - and layout how it integrates with the rest of your online presence

60 day content calendar