the Two Act Musical: We Manage Your Entire Digital Presence

So you can go out and create!

Imagine your blog, emails, and social media taken care of!

Don't spend hours creating - or worse, worrying about creating - your digital media. We will do it for you! 


How it Works:

1. Schedule a Kickoff Meeting with one of our Brand Directors so we can learn all about you and your audience.

2. Upload relevant raw photos and videos for your Brand Director to turn into great content.

3. Meet at the end of the month to go over results.



  • a full evaluation of your current digital media presence

  • a monthly newsletter written for your audience

  • a weekly blog post for the world to find you

  • a full audit of your social media platforms

  • a special monthly fb live event

  • five posts each week on two strategically chosen social media platforms

  • guarantee of one hour of engagement each week 

  • access to a FB group where you get answers to your questions

  • entrance into a network of other artists and professionals

  • monthly check ins to evaluate results


Downstage Media's Approach:

Annie Schiffmann at the book launch of  The Next Happiest Place on Earth  which has won awards for marketing.

Annie Schiffmann at the book launch of The Next Happiest Place on Earth which has won awards for marketing.

1. Kickoff with Questions

We build a relationship to understand your company so your voice comes through online.

2. Analysis with Insights

Each month you'll see what is getting results and get the chance to ask questions and gain insights on how next month can be even better.

3. Content with Initiatives

Based on our Kickoff meeting and end of month meetings, your company will start putting out a steady stream of content based on what is most effective for your audience - with little to no effort from you!


A Note from Annie Schiffmann


I've devoted my entire life to the theater and - since 2015 -  to digital life in the theater. I've helped launch the world premiere of a play, became the social media specialist at a marketing company, and cultivated a devoted fan base to a cult Off Broadway show. I have gotten the opportunity to work with a Broadway news start up and interviewed Tony winners. I'm all about creating content and building audiences in my business life. (My personal life includes a truly great guy, two hilarious little girls, and lots of belting in my car.)

I am confident that we will help you if you give Downstage Media a shot. It's my promise to you.

Come Downstage.

And if you have any questions, just send me an email annie@downstage.media and I'll answer.