All the World's a Stage

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Theater-focused social media strategies to market your creative work in today's congested world.


"Our show struggles to keep up with all of the different social media options."

We want a consistent voice that connects with what we're doing onstage.

"I want to build my personal brand, but I'm not sure where to begin."

I need help organizing all of the different ways I can market myself online. And finding someone who will hold me accountable.

"We're a theater company that needs help putting it together."

We need someone who can overhaul what we're doing online. And we need it to work within our budget.


Simple Systems and Solutions

Together we'll look at your audience, goals, and current digital media presence. Then I'll design a plan to integrate them to create a clear brand that connects with your audience.


Telling your story beat by beat

Lines build to become scenes. Scenes become acts. Acts become plays. We'll look at the stories you want to tell and break them up into pieces customized for the web. Just like how a production team creates the feel of the show, we'll create the feel of your brand with video, newsletters, blog posts, online stores and box offices, and social media posts. I also make sure to keep tabs on features, updates, and trends and apply them where it makes sense.




You already have a vibrant online following and brand?

If you have the social media part down - posting, commenting, engaging - GREAT! Then it's time to look at your overall digital strategy.  How is it all working together? Let's dive deeper to look at email automations, sales integrations, and analytics. 


Three ways to get started


I offer my knowledge on social and digital media for theater in three ways:


We figure out what your brand needs. I make it happen. Your brand will have the option for tailored social media presence across multiple platforms, a newsletter, blog, and special projects once a month.

This is the best option if you're looking for a digital media team. 



Thoughtful insights for DIYers, every week, absolutely free. Empower yourself to learn more and create cool stuff that shows you off!

This is the best option if you're looking for an online mentor.

One Act

Get direction to take action yourself. We evaluate what your brand needs, and you take it from there. I'll check in, give notes, and get you over any obstacles.

This is the best option if you're looking for a digital and social media consultant.



Your 100% satisfaction is my absolute #1 priority.


More Options

Here is plenty of free material that you can take advantage of if you're not ready to come downstage yet.

  • My newsletter - actionable items and thoughtful insights on how theater people can best use their skills for the online world
  • blog - checklists, shot lists, and explanations about how you can create riveting content for your projects

My promise to you.

I will work tirelessly and passionately to accomplish your goals.

I will always be honest and upfront with you.  

You can always reach me annie@downstage.media. I'm here for you. 

Come downstage.