How to: Upload and Label Files in Google Drive

Here is a great way to include images with captions for your social media manager. At Downstage, we've found that the Google products work well since they are all part of the same ecosystem, require one password, and people are usually somewhat familiar with at least one product or other. 


Uploading files are fairly straightforward. If you've gotten a notification that you've been asked to be a contributor to a folder, simply open the invitation and drag the files that you are uploading into it.

Adding Descriptions

Lots of time you'll want to have some text that corresponds with the image. Here how you can do that so that someone else who is also able to view files in the folder can find it. 

Click the View details button on the top right of the screen.


Then a window will pop up - more of a drawer sliding open, really - and you'll see the option to Add a description. That's where you can put in a caption that might be good for an instagram post. Or some context that it's good that your team has for the image or file.


So there you have it - a simple way to upload files and images and add a description so everyone on your team has access to context and information about it. 

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